What’s yours?



Everyone has their story.

We grow up putting people in categories, mostly based on past experiences. However useful this may be in the selection process of our to-be peers, once we are past that phase we must discard all judgement and start anew with a blank page.


There are no two people alike. Everyone is the product of the most minuscule of details adding up over time. Our mind frames are constantly changing, adapting, to thrive in our environment.

Think about it…

That one time you fell off the bike when you were little; Did anyone see you? Was there someone to help you? Was there someone mocking you? Did you get back on the bike?

You get the point. That single instance could have had multiple results with their particular effect on our psyche. Now imagine every single action you undertake daily and it’s possible results.

No two people are alike. Not even close.

Give everyone’s petals a chance to blossom and you will get to experience true beauty unfold. Start with a blank canvas. And as you learn more and delve deeper the painting will become richer. A true masterpiece in its own right.