Keep focus, little one.



Long term, durable satisfaction.
That is what we must strive for.

On the way to succes there are many distractions. The promise of quick happiness tugs strongly at our core.

It has always been like this.

Most of us manage to find focus, but only the strong are able to keep it.
Once found, it is the key to open all doors.

Imagine giving all your energy to the thing you want most.
What did you think of?

My first thought was something trivial because I’m bored.
Completely irrelevant in the grand scheme.
But right now I want it the most.

It’s when we focus on the big wants, the wants that are always at
the back of our minds, that we have seen in front of us many times
after we have closed our eyes, only then we will be truly satisfied.

The little wants will follow.
Keep focus, little one.