Dance of life



The truth brings us a peace of mind unlike any other. Because unbarred expression and dis-attachment of outcome is the fastest route to zen.

This born harmony is almost palpable and can only be described as the universe itself giving you a hug. What is done and what is spoken match. The waves that make up the macrocosm can keep on course without deviation. In other words, everything flows.

Words like zen, vibrations, and frequency, especially when presented in idealistic speeches, often get the connotation of magical and wishful thinking. Things like “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret” are mentioned by dismissers in an attempt to ridicule and disassociate from such thinking. But it is all based on physics. The same science that these people almost regard as sacred.

You’ve heard it before, everything is vibration and energy. Keeping this in mind makes us move different in life. Once it is felt and recognized, an appetite grows to align with it. Just like dancing, when two bodies move in synchronicity it is a beauty to behold.