Dance of life


The truth brings us a peace of mind unlike any other. Because unbarred expression and dis-attachment of outcome is the fastest route to zen.

This born harmony is almost palpable and can only be described as the universe itself giving you a hug. What is done and what is spoken match. The waves that make up the macrocosm can keep on course without deviation. In other words, everything flows.

Words like zen, vibrations, and frequency, especially when presented in idealistic speeches, often get the connotation of magical and wishful thinking. Things like “The Law of Attraction” or “The Secret” are mentioned by dismissers in an attempt to ridicule and disassociate from such thinking. But it is all based on physics. The same science that these people almost regard as sacred.

You’ve heard it before, everything is vibration and energy. Keeping this in mind makes us move different in life. Once it is felt and recognized, an appetite grows to align with it. Just like dancing, when two bodies move in synchronicity it is a beauty to behold.


I know



Eyes I recognize.
I don’t know.

They have a glow that feels like home.


Deep, gentle eyes
warming me to a smile.

I feel they know what i know.


When ours connect
there is a knock and then quiet
inside my chest.

As if my heart was a door.



Come in…


Driving my senses

The way your voice dances on my ears
and your smile always makes mine appear..

The way your walk
makes me
talk to myself like
“God she’s fine
I want to make her mine”..

The way your eyes say just enough to
keep me guessing..

The way your curves are sharp
and bound to cause traffic..

Every bit of you…

makes me want all of it.

Keep focus, little one.


Long term, durable satisfaction.
That is what we must strive for.

On the way to succes there are many distractions. The promise of
quick happiness tugs strongly at our core.

It has always been like this.

Most of us manage to find focus, but only the strong are able to keep it.
Once found, it is the key to open all doors.

Imagine giving all your energy to the thing you want most.
What did you think of?

My first thought was something trivial because I’m bored.
Completely irrelevant in the grand scheme.
But right now I want it the most.

It’s when we focus on the big wants, the wants that are always at
the back of our minds, that we have seen in front of us many times
after we have closed our eyes, only then we will be truly satisfied.

The little wants will follow.
Keep focus, little one.

To choose is to be


Who am I to tell you how to live life?
All that I can share is my insight.

Come see within with me.
Dare feel some things I feel.

Any lesson you can take
are choices you didn’t have to make.

Every step I take makes me.
Every time I’m late missed me.

As soon as I wake I make dreams come to life.
From choosing a wife to little things I can buy.
Matching every detail to fit perfection.

What will I dream next?

That’s the only thing in question.


Through your eyes 


Who am I, you ask?

I am your experience of me

However which way we would want it to be,
our image has its own life in the eyes of who sees

Some parts of me may not fit your logic
But still,
you will give them a place
where they resonate

However hard I try,
there are some things I cannot change;

I am who I am, yet I am how you see me
I can only be me
Eyes accept truth when they see it

That is why I choose to live life

my life

with as guidance some rules i abide by:

Give love,
speak truth
and most of all,
be you.

Who are you?


Thank You

​I’m thankful for the little pieces
We always want more

The first bite makes the hunger grow
and at the same time it satisfies our core
The first glimpse piques our curiosity
yet immediately opens or shuts the door

They say that poison comes in small bottles

We know what we want when we get it
We know, we want more

Same Sun


Trying to forget you like a song in my head
searching for noises to replace it
Putting up my hand to block the sunlight
wishing it was night instead

That’s how it felt.

Then i saw you again

And it was bright all over

Scattered gold


her soul was so great she traveled forth in small pieces
leaving me to interact with all her new forms in sudden glimpses

the one i knew before my lungs drew air

i’ve met shadows of what she’s supposed to be
products of knowing what to make but forgetting the recipe

remove that and all that is left is me
right here looking at what’s next to see

Scattered gold